Casino craps how to play

casino craps how to play

Casino craps how to play - The pass line wager dictates the basic structure of a craps game. Other players, however, will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the no-download Flash casino — especially Apple Mac users, because most online casino downloads are optimised for Microsoft Windows. Similarly, you do not place your own chips on certain parts of the table. Craps has a long history.

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The most popular casino dice game in the world is casino craps how to play. Playing craps online can be a lot of fun, even without the social atmosphere. Good bonus opportunities that can be played with this game are important. Having good betting maximums for the odds bets listed above are good too. This allows you options to keep the house advantage extremely low with strategic play. There are two stages of play in craps that dictate how most of the main bets work.

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Online Craps - Learn How to Play - Best Casinos to Play Craps Online

In the early days of Craps, unscrupulous casinos i. There are bets that give the house a There are two stages of play in craps that dictate how most of the main bets work. As noted, there are some subtle differences between versions, especially regarding odds and types of bets accepted. As noted previously, the center portion of the table layout is divided into areas for proposition bets. That means from a purely mathematical standpoint, you should be making your odds bets as large as possible.

Learn How to Play Craps

Learn How to Play Craps in Canada

The table is marked up with diverse wagering chances. Casino-Mate has a brand new weekend bonus, which you can casino craps how to play every Saturday. In the game of craps there are single casino craps how to play bets which are done later in the game and multiple roll bets starting with the very first bet of the round; the come-out roll. Field Bet payoff are 1: If you make the Pass Line bet and the roll shows 7 or 11, you win and this bet will pay you money. How To Play Poker. The stickman will make sure that everyone is ready before he gives the dice to the shooter.

Online Craps

casino craps how to play

Once a point has been established, a come bet is made by placing a chip or chips in the come box on the layout. Any other number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 establishes a point for your come bet, and your bet will be moved to the corresponding number on the layout.

You then have that number covered until the shooter sevens out, just like with a regular point. When any other number is rolled 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 , a point is established. Your bet wins even money on a 7, but loses if the point is hit.

Interestingly enough, the odds of playing the dark side are actually very slightly better than playing the pass line. And one of the best things about Craps is that you get to bet along with other people — you win together, and you lose together.

With that in mind, reign in those fist pumps when playing with others. In the early days of Craps, unscrupulous casinos i. All you have to do to take free odds is place a pass line bet which is where the house gets its edge back. This bet is now linked to your pass line bet — if the shooter makes the point, both these bets pay out. Likewise, if the shooter sevens out, your odds bet loses along with your pass line bet.

The odds bet pay-out varies along with the likelihood of the point being hit. The easiest to hit point values are 6 and 8, as there are more ways to make these numbers than the hardest to hit point values, 4 and The pay-outs look like this:.

The permissible size of your odds bet varies from casino to casino, so be sure to check the maximums before you play. That means from a purely mathematical standpoint, you should be making your odds bets as large as possible.

The field bet, made by placing your wager in the corresponding section on the layout, is a single-roll bet that pays out on a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or The pay-out is generally even money, but 2s pay out 2: As an example, say we bet on hard 8. Hop bets are single roll bets that try to predict the following dice roll exactly.

Like Roulette and unlike, say, Blackjack , Craps is simply a game where the house always wins — at least in the long run. All that said, there are a few strategies out there that people use to try and maximise their Craps winnings. Here are a couple of our favourites:. It is natural that the craps play in any online casino cannot recreate the atmosphere at the craps table in the land-based casino.

The social aspect communication with other gamblers, dealers, load exclamations, etc. However, online casino craps rules are the same as the ones for Las Vegas craps and they are based primarily on a few most important bets gamblers can place on the layout. We are sure that our craps for dummies guide will help many novices in this casino game. The first thing you should know concerns the speed of the craps play and the bankroll. As we have said above, this is the very speedy game, which requires fast decisions and the well-formed bankroll.

Basic rules of craps are focused on its betting system. When you choose any craps online game, the careful explanation of these rules and available bets will be necessary for you to read. In general, they are the same for every craps game. Only in online casinos you use your mouse and different buttons to play it. So, one of the basic bets in craps is the Pass Line bet. If you place your virtual chips on the Pass Line, you bet on the shooter. Your first roll is called the come out roll.

If you make the Pass Line bet and the roll shows 7 or 11, you win and this bet will pay you money. However, another number can be rolled out. For example, if the point is number 5 and you roll this number before you get 7, your Pass Line bet will be the winning one.

This bet wins when the shooter rolls craps numbers 2, 3 or

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casino craps how to play

Casino craps how to play Casino Blog and Gambling Guides

If you happen to hear an uproar coming from any of the gaming tables, you can almost be certain that the center of attention is two tumbling dice. The pace is fast and the potential winnings are huge.

Craps has a long history. Games played with dice are among the oldest forms of gambling. According to Greek mythology , the Olympian gods threw dice to determine how to split up the Universe. Eventually, more consistent materials, such as ivory, jade and wood, were used to make the cubes, and six-sided dice were born. The addition of pips dots or spots to mark their faces came into vogue around B.

By comparison, the dice game we know today as Craps is a relatively modern invention. It is played with two dice, and the value of a roll is the total number of pips showing on the sides facing up.

Discussion here, however, will be focused on the latter version, which is mostly common played online as well as at specially designed tables in land-based casinos.

In both casinos and on online, all bets are made on a playing surface that roughly resembles a billiard table. Its face is divided into betting areas, and the five most basic wagers are clearly marked: Any other value rolled i. The shooter must continue rolling until the point is obtained, in which case the Pass Line bets pay out 1-to However, if a value of seven is rolled before the shooter makes the point, then all of the Pass Line wagers lose and the shooter must pass the dice to the next player in turn, clockwise.

Bets placed here lose if the shooter comes out with a natural seven or eleven, they win on craps totaling two or three, and they push no winner on craps totaling twelve. Bets here lose if the shooter makes the point, and they win if a seven is thrown before the point is made. COME — Another even-money bet, this wager is not available when the shooter first rolls, but can be made any time after the point has been established. Like the Pass Line bets, wagers placed here will win on a natural seven or eleven and lose on any craps.

It wins on craps two or three, loses on natural seven or eleven, and is a stand-off push, tie or draw on a roll totaling twelve. Once the come point is established, this bet wins if a seven appears before the come point is made and loses otherwise.

It pays even money, 1-to-1, on the roll of a 3, 4, 9, 10 or It pays double, 2-to-1, if a two or a twelve comes up. All other totals i. Many beginners start out by limiting themselves to the five basic wagers described above. However, with the exception of the Field, these are simply even-money bets, with little expectation of winning or losing much in the short term.

For that reason, it is a good idea to become familiar with the other types of bets available on the table, which pay out at much higher odds. There are four additional betting areas to be aware of, as follows: Stack your additional chips directly behind the original bet on the apron.

For Come bets, tell the dealer, who will place the chips for you. The limit you can bet depends upon what odds the house offers. You can double up at 2X odds, triple your bet at 3X odds, and so on up to 20X or even 50X at some casinos. Do not do so yourself. If the shooter throws any of these numbers before throwing a seven, you win. The payoffs are 9-to-5 for a four or ten, 7-to-5 on a five or nine, and 7-to-6 for a six or eight.

As you can see, the latter pays much better than Big 6 or Big 8. Also, place bets may be taken off any time before a roll. This is where the proposition bets are placed. Some of these areas can be bet at anytime, while others are available for wagering only after the point has been established. Again, experts agree almost universally that proposition bets are bad wagers. They can be fun to play, but they carry a very high house advantage. The specific bets and their associated payouts are treated separately, below.

Now that you know the table layout and understand the basics of betting, you will want to give the bones a roll. With one hand never two , select any two of the dice you would like to use. The stickman will then pull back the other three, taking them out of play. This is a circular marker that looks a bit like a hockey puck. When the OFF side is showing, no point has been established and no bets may be placed in areas of the table restricted to post-point betting.

Before you throw the dice the button will be OFF. If you think you can win by rolling an initial seven or eleven, or by rolling a point and making it, you will place your wager on the Pass Line. As a common rule of thumb, most shooters start by betting on a Pass, rather than betting against themselves. After the initial bets are down, it is time to throw the dice.

Both dice must hit the far wall and bounce off for the roll to count. Also, if a die lands on top of some chips so that it is unclear which face is showing up, a re-throw will be required. If a point is established, the croupier will turn the button to ON and position it above the corresponding number on the Place Bets portion of the table. The dice will be returned to you, more bets will be placed, and you will continue rolling until you make your point or roll a seven, whichever comes first.

Then, the table will be paid or cleared, the button will return to OFF, and a new series of rolls will begin. You will continue to hold the dice and be the shooter even if you throw craps on your first roll. Throwing craps after a point has been established does not affect the point or the rolls. The only time you lose your right to be the shooter is when you throw a seven before making an established point.

Please note that it is considered bad etiquette to stop shooting or leave the table before your turn as shooter has ended. If you do not feel comfortable about throwing the dice yourself, you can pass your turn when it comes.

It is not necessary to accept the dice when they are offered, nor is it necessary to bet when others are coming out. The casino always has an advantage, of course, but Craps offers some of the best odds of all table games. The house edge on the Pass Line is only 1. To begin, you bet one unit on the Pass Line. If you win, put your profit one unit to the side and start a new series, betting one unit again.

If the Pass Line loses, double your wager two units and bet on it again. You will continue to double your bets in this manner until you win. Then, set your profit one unit aside and begin the series again. Unfortunately, this approach has a couple of inherent drawbacks.

First, unlike Roulette or Blackjack, there can be many inconclusive rolls between making your initial bet and learning its outcome. This makes for a very slow and uninteresting game. Also, streaks are quite common at Craps. Should you be fortunate enough to win seven straight throws, your accumulated profit will be seven units. However, if you lose seven throws, your net loss will be units.

According to Martingale, you must then wager units on the next roll, risking a total of units to win just one—hardly a good bet, especially with the odds against you at Perhaps a better progression for betting at Craps is the Anti-Martingale system, doubling up when you win. Your objective might be to win three bets in a row.

Winning such a series will bring you seven units in profit. You start out by betting a single unit on the Pass Line. If you win, double the wager for the next throw. If you lose, return to betting one unit. Your strategy is to win enough short streaks to cover any losses, and you will never have more than one unit of your own money at risk. Once you get comfortable with this simple strategy, you can extend it to a similar series of bets on the Come.

You may also wish to use your winnings to take odds on your Pass Line bets whenever a point is made. As you begin to spend time at the table, you will soon discover that Craps has its own special language, which can be quite colourful. Although it is not necessary to master the language of Craps in order to play and win the game, familiarity with some of the most basic terms will be useful.

This last phrase refers to placing a large value chip on the table between rolls to get smaller value chips. It is important that you make sure the dealer hears you say this, otherwise your big chip may be mistaken for a bet. As noted previously, the center portion of the table layout is divided into areas for proposition bets.

This is where the highest odds are paid and the house has its greatest advantage. It is also a part of the table strictly controlled by the dealers, and you must ask for your chips to be placed there.

Beginners are usually advised to steer clear of this section until they master the basics, but you will certainly want to understand what the opportunities and risks are if you are going to spend time at the tables.

A bet on both circles costs a minimum of two units. It will lose if any other number comes up. Although any craps pays 7-to-1, this bet pays to Again, do not try to place the bet yourself.

The Horn pays to-1 for a three or an eleven. It pays to-1 for a two or a twelve.

Online craps

This bet wins if the point is rolled again casino craps how to play the shooter rolls a 7. Special bonuses, free casino cash, new Mac casino games, and more! Taking or laying odds, therefore, should be a central part of your play. When the shooter sevens out, the dice rotate to another player, and the next round begins with a new shooter. There are lots of other possible betting options on the craps table, which are usually riskier than two previous ones and have different casino odds. However, they will be shooting another come out roll, and beginning a new betting round.